Detention centres

Belgium has six administrative detention centres which are managed by the Immigration Office.

The regime and functioning of the detention centres are laid down in the law of 15/12/1980 and the royal decree of 02/08/2002.

The purpose of detention is to ensure the effective removal of persons who have been refused entry to or residence in the territory.

The law stipulates the reasons for which administrative detention of certain persons in detention centres may be decided and the maximum duration of detention.


Caricole Transit Centre (CAR)Caricole

Tervuursesteenweg 302, 1820 Steenokkerzeel

caricole.visite [at]


Director of the Centre:  Rika Goethaels



Repatriation Centre 127bis127bis

Tervuursesteenweg 300, 1820 Steenokkerzeel

onthaalbis [at]


Director of the Centre: Brenda Melis


Detention centre for illegal immigrants Bruges (CIB)Bruges

Zandstraat 150, 8200 St Andries – Brugge

Secretariat via
CIB-Bewonersadministratie [at]

Sociale service via
CIB-Socialedienst [at] 


Director of the Centre: Yves Rahier



Detention centre for illegal immigrants Merksplas (CIM)Merksplas

Steenweg op Wortel 1 A, 2330 Merksplas [at]


Director of the Centre: Eric Kivit



Detention centre for illegal immigrants Vottem (CIV)CIV

Rue Visé-Voie 1, 4041 Vottem [at]


Director of the Centre: Didier Stassens



Detention centre for illegal immigrants Holsbeek (CIH) CIH

De Vunt 19, 3220 Holsbeek


Director of the Centre: Carla De Becker