Follow up a visa application

Search for a visa application forwarded to the Immigration Office

You can search using the visa application reference given by the Belgian embassy or consulate general (e.g. 73029, 5923, 266951) after selecting this embassy or consulate general in the drop-down menu.

If the embassy or consulate general is not listed in the drop-down menu, you can contact the Info desk directly. 

You can also search with the reference provided by the Visa Application Centre of VFS Contact or TLS Global (for example, VFSPEK000054554 or TLSBEY000089765).


Search result

A search can give four results: (1) Currently being examined, (2) Additional documents, (3) Approval or (4) Refusal. 

Please note: if "Additional documents" appears, please do not contact the Info desk directly. This result means that the application is still being examined and that the Immigration Office is waiting for additional information from the applicant or a third party (opinion or documents). If it is the applicant who has to submit additional documents (which is not always the case), the post will contact the applicant. 


No result

There are several possible explanations:

  • You have entered incorrect data => Start a new search after checking the reference of the visa application in Visa on Web or at the embassy or the consulate general.
  • You have applied for a visa to travel to Belgium, but this application is being examined by another Schengen State representing Belgium => Contact the embassy or consulate of this other Schengen State.
  • The post has not forwarded the visa application to the Immigration Office.
  • The post has not yet forwarded the visa application to the Immigration Office => Start a new search later on.
  • The post has forwarded the application, but the Immigration Office has not yet registered it in the "Follow a visa application" app => Start a new search later on. 

ATTENTION: the Immigration Office is currently processing a large number of visa applications. Therefore, a visa application will not appear in the "Follow a visa application" app for several weeks (short-stay visa) or several months (long-stay visa). You will understand better why if you read the Visa application process.

When a visa application is not identified [step 3 of the visa application process], the Info desk of the Immigration Office cannot answer the following questions:

  • "Has the Immigration Office received my visa application?" 

  • "When will my visa application be processed?"

There is therefore no need to phone or send an e-mail. The Info desk will not be able to help you.

So when should you contact the Info desk?

You can contact the Info desk if the Immigration Office has not made a decision on your visa application within the applicable time limit.

What is the time limit?

Short stay (C visa): Schengen area entry visa application (C visa) (See Processing time for a visa application)

> Family reunification (D visa): Visa application (See Processing time for a visa application)

> Studies (D visa): first residence permit (application for a D visa, a residence permit or a change of status) (See Processing time for a visa application)

> Application for a residence permit (D visa): the law does not set a time limit within which the Immigration Office has to make a decision. As the number of applications is currently very high, the processing time is usually long (several months).

> Single permit: Single permit (See Processing time for an application)

> Application for a visa for marriage or cohabitation in Belgium (C visa): see Family reunification

> Application for an entry visa for a family member of a citizen of the European Union or an associated country (C visa): see Short stay