Lodging the application

Lodging the application

The applicant can lodge the application on the day it is registered or no later than 30 days after making it.

With exception of persons who are at the border or imprisoned or held in a specific place, the application is lodged at the Immigration Office building (Boulevard Pacheco 44 - 1000 Brussels - Cube):

If the application is lodged at a later date, the place and date on which the applicant will have to lodge their application will be indicated on the certificate of presentation.

When lodging the application, a number of legal requirements must be met:

  • Elect domicile in Belgium

All applicants are required to elect domicile in Belgium. This may be the address where the applicant actually resides, but they may also elect domicile with their lawyer, friends, family, etc. in Belgium.

The IO and the CGRS will send all correspondence relating to the procedure (notifications, requests for information, decisions, etc.) to this address.

If the applicant does not  choose a domicile, the address of the CGRS will be considered the elected domicile and all correspondence will be sent to that address. The applicant will always need to come to the CGRS to receive his correspondence.

 It is legally required to inform the IO and the CGRS of any change of  elected domicile.

A specific form is provided for this purpose; it must be duly completed and sent by registered post to the IO and the CGRS.

Please note: all correspondence will always be sent to the last known elected domicile. If the IO and CGRS are not notified of a change of elected domicile or are not notified in a timely manner, some documents may not be received or may be received late.

  • Determining the language of the procedure

When lodging the application, the language to be used during the procedure must be determined. This will be French or Dutch.

When applying for , the  foreigner must indicate whether he will need the assistance of an interpreter during the examination of the application.

If the applicant has sufficient knowledge of French or Dutch, he can choose  French or Dutch as the language of the procedure.

If the applicant does not speak sufficient French or Dutch, he may request the assistance of an interpreter. In this case, the IO will determine the language of the procedure depending on the needs of the services and authorities.

Once the language of the procedure has been determined, it is maintained throughout the procedure, including at the CGRS and CALL.

The language of the procedure will also be maintained for  subsequent applications. 

This decision is not subject to any separate .

  • Issuance of /26quinquies

When the application is  lodged, the IO issues an annex 26 (if it is a first application) or an annex 26quinquies (if it is a subsequent application)

This document includes the applicant's identity data, as well as its photo. The document proves that an application of international protection has been lodged.

However,  this document is not a proof of identity or nationality.

Please note: if the applicant does not respond to the invitation to lodge the application, the application expires automatically. From that moment on, the person concerned ceases to be an applicant for international protection. If the applicant still wishes to lodge his application at a later date, the application will be reopened.