Making an application for international protection

Foreigners who wish to make a (subsequent) application for can go to Boulevard Pacheco/Pachecolaan (Cube) at 8.30am from Monday to Friday (except on public holidays).

The application for international protection must be made in person, as soon as possible.

Upon making the application, the IO will register the application. If the application is not lodged on the same day (see below), the applicant receives a certificate of presentation. This document allows the applicant to prove that he have applied for international protection.

It is important that all persons for whom an application is to be registered attend in person at the Immigration Office building. The same applies to children who follow the parents' procedure.

Please note: for the registration of children of one or more parents with a pending application for international protection or of children of one or more parents already recognised as refugees, there is a separate procedure depending on the child's place of birth (in Belgium or abroad) and/or the parents' administrative situation.

Please note: the international protection procedure does not start until the application has actually been  lodged. Once the application is registered, the applicant is informed of how it can be  lodged.

For any practical questions about registering an application for international protection, external partners can contact the Registration Unit at the following e-mail address: registration [at]

You can find more information about registering applications using the following link:, and on the FAQ page, which can be accessed using the following link:  Registration of applications for international protection