One month before the expiry of the Temporary residence permit (A card), the guardian submits an application (Fr - Nl) for an extension of the residence permit to the Vulnerable Persons Unit by email (to minors [at] The application must contain information about the MENA's life plan in Belgium, namely:

- any specific information related to the particular situation of the MENA;
- the family situation of the MENA;
- proof of regular schooling;
- proof of knowledge of one of the three national languages.

After a period of three years from the granting of the A card, the MENA can receive an pemanent residence permit (B card).

When they reach majority

When the MENA reaches the age of majority, the Vulnerable Persons Unit is no longer competent to issue and extend residence documents.

Different situations can then arise:

  • the person concerned has received an Annex 38: the former MENA is illegally residing in Belgium, unless they have another right of residence;
  • the person concerned has received a certificate of registration: this document is issued by the Vulnerable Persons Unit until the age of majority;
  • the person concerned has received an temporary residence permit card: the former MENA applies for an extension from the municipal administration of their place of residence between 45 and 30 days before the expiry date of this document. The conditions for extension are as follows:
    • examination of the situation by the competent office (Long Stay office);
    • present a valid national passport or demonstrate any efforts to obtain a valid national passport
    • either demonstrate that they are enrolled as a student or apprentice in a recognised educational institution, providing proof of means of support;
    • or demonstrate that they are employed and covered by the required legal authorisation.

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