Application for a residence permit under Article 61/14 and subsequent of the Law on foreign nationals

It is the guardian who submits the application (Fr - Nl) for a specific procedure based on Articles 61/15 and subsequent of the Law. The application must contain the following:

  • last name, first name, telephone or mobile number, email address (or fax) and address of the guardian;
  • last name, first name, place and date of birth, nationality, IO public security number, elected domicile and address of the MENA;
  • a copy of the national passport or a travel document in lieu thereof. The guardian must indicate in the application wich steps have been taken to obtain a passport if the young person does not have such a document; 
  • any document proving the veracity of the information provided in the application;
  • if necessary, the request for the presence of an interpreter during the interview, specifying the language;
  • the steps taken by the guardian with family members or acquaintances in the country of origin or residence and the results of these steps.

The possible presence of a lawyer during the interview and one or more specific vulnerabilities of the young person (physical or mental disability, psychological condition, etc.) may be mentioned in the request.

The application is sent by e-mail to minors [at] (), indicating as a reference the public security number (currently 7 digits), if the young person has one.