Alternatives to detention

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Alternatives to Detention Department

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This department was set up following the government agreement of September 2020, the policy note presented to the Chamber on 4 November 2020 in which developing an enfolding policy was highlighted, and the recommendations of the Bossuyt Commission.

Since 1 June 2021, the Alternatives to Detention Department (ATD), is responsible for implementing and enforcing alternative measures to detention for foreign nationals in irregular stay.

The aim is to deploy Individual Case Management (ICAM) Coaches in the five regions, who are tasked with supporting individual persons and families in irregular stay towards a long-term solution. To this end, a support pathway is envisaged, during which the persons concerned have the opportunity to go over their administrative situation with the ICAM Coach, ask any questions and obtain additional information if necessary.

The ICAM Coach analyses the dossier and communicates their conclusions to the stakeholders, taking into account the additional elements provided. In the event that it is not possible for the individual to remain, the ICAM Coach will explain the different options available to them, in order to avoid a forced return, and will provide useful information on the existing support for returns. The ICAM Coach is available and supports them in what they need to think about and the steps to be taken.

The ICAM Coach ensures that the support process is as transparent as possible, to ensure high-quality follow-up and with respect for the persons receiving support.

The ICAM Coaches are supervised by the General Coordination , Organisation and Support, which is made up of the Regional Managers and the Head of Department. 

Contact : Alternatives à la Détention (ATD)

Email : icamsupport [at] 

icamsupport [at] 

Tél. : 02/488.97.77

The ATD department is responsible for developing and applying alternative measures to avoid foreign nationals in irregular stay being detained.

As a main measure, foreign nationals in irregular stay are supported by the ICAM Coaches of the ATD department in order to identify long-term prospects. All aspects of the legal and administrative residence situation are taken into consideration. 

When there are no longer any possibilities for the person to remain, they will be supported respectfully and prepared for voluntary return, and if they do not cooperate, they will be informed of the likelihood of a forced return.

  • Persons: the beneficiary will be given open, transparent and high-quality support, with respect for the individual, the proximity and the regulations in force.
  • Process: proactive support to identify prospects, by encouraging active participation, customised coaching per target group, with special attention for vulnerable profiles.
  • Partners: a powerful network of internal and external partners based on knowledge sharing and lasting cooperation in the field, taking into account the specificities and remit of every stakeholder.
  • People: a dynamic working environment that inspires colleagues to give their best.
  • Portfolio: investing in a legally robust offering of alternatives to detention that follow or reflect successful best practice from European partners, and which make it possible to react quickly and flexibly to new developments.


  • have respect for our target group and treat them with integrity and empathy
  • use a consistent method of working and respect the agreements made, so that beneficiaries and partners have confidence in our services
  • encourage engagement, independence and constructive collaboration
  • share information and knowledge in a secure, innovative and spontaneous way
  • strive to provide a high quality service by continually evaluating and adapting our operations