Organisation of detention centres

To ensure the safety and better supervision of the occupants, detention centres are equipped with several services:

  • management, composed of a centre director and several assistants, it ensures the management and proper functioning of the centre.
  • the medical and psychological service: ensures the medical and psychological follow-up of the persons staying in the detention centres and can decide to refer them to external specialised services if necessary.
  • the social service: the return coaches assist the residents during their stay in the centre.  They follow up on the residents' administrative files and help them with their procedures or requests. They also prepare the occupants for their return. A DVD on return, available in several languages, is shown in the centre to encourage residents to cooperate with their return and to return to their country as soon as possible without resistance.
  • the operational service composed of: security agents, assistant security agents and educators. They take care of the in and outtake of the residents, their supervision, and the organisation of activities. They ensure that these operations are carried out in a safe and orderly manner.
  • the administrative department: is in charge of the administrative management of the centre.