Sufficient means of subsistence


[Article 61 of the Act of 15 December 1980]

The third-country national who wishes to pursue full-time higher studies at an institution of higher education in Belgium, or a preparatory year for such education, and the third-country national who, after completing their studies, asks to be authorised to extend their stay in order to seek employment or set up a business, must prove that they have sufficient means of subsistence.


The minimum amount for the means of subsistence is set by Royal Decree and indexed every year.

For the 2024 - 2025 academic year, this amount is 803 euros net/month.

Proof of sufficient means of subsistence is provided by submitting one or more of the following documents:

  • a certificate drawn up [in accordance with a Royal Decree] either by an international organisation or a national government, or by a community, region, province or municipality, or by an institution of higher education, to the effect that the third-country national is receiving or will soon receive a scholarship or a loan;
  • any other proof of sufficient means of subsistence – for example, a certificate drawn up by the institution of higher education specifying that the third-country national has deposited a sum covering the costs of their stay in Belgium in a frozen account managed by the institution.

The assessment as to whether the third-country national has sufficient means of subsistence is based on an individual examination of the case. As part of this examination, funds originating from a grant, scholarship, allowance or the lawful and regular pursuit of a gainful activity outside the time normally to be devoted to study are taken into account in particular.