Stateless Persons and Third-country Nationals

Third-country nationals legally residing in the Ukraine before the 24th of February 2022, on the basis of a valid permanent residence permit, and are unable to return to their country or region of origin under safe and durable conditions

In order to determine if it is possible to return to the country or region of origin under safe and durable conditions, a brief interview will be carried out when the request for temporary protection is submitted.  The concerned person must prove/provide prima facie evidence at individual level that he/she is unable to return to the country of origin under safe and durable conditions.  The concerned person must present all elements at his/her disposal which support identity, nationality, residence in Ukraine as well as reasons invoked regarding the impossibility to return to the country of origin under safe and durable conditions.

After the interview, the concerned person will be given a proof of registration. This document confirms that the concerned person presented themselves at the Registration Centre of the Immigration Office where the application for obtaining authorization for a residence permit under temporary protection was registered.

The Immigration Office will then examine the request and decide, on the basis of all the elements in the file, if the concerned person can or cannot be considered for receiving temporary protection.  The person is notified of the decision, which may be subjected to a non-suspensive appeal to the Council for Alien Law Litigation.

If the concerned person is not considered for temporary protection, this does not affect his/her right to submit an application for international protection.  More ample information concerning the procedure for international protection can be consulted here (fr / nl).  

Third-country nationals wishing to return to their country of origin can obtain support via Fedasil | Voluntary Return (