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How is my visa application progressing

How is my visa application progressing

When to use the "How is my visa application progressing?" app?

This app enables you to track a visa application submitted to a Belgian diplomatic or consular post and sent to the Immigration Office for a decision.

How to start the search?

  • Select the post from the drop-down menu *;
  • Enter the reference assigned by the post to the visa application **;
  • Start the search.

* Contact the Info desk directly if the visa application has been submitted in The Hague or Abuja, because these posts are not yet listed in the drop-down menu.

** If the application was submitted via Visa on Web, log in again to find out the reference assigned by the post to the visa application.

Search result

There are four possible results:

- à l'examen (being examined)

- documents complémentaires (additional information or documents needed) *

- accord (visa issued)        

- refus (visa refused) 

* The result "additional information or documents needed" means that the application is being examined, but that the Immigration Office has requested additional information or documents. If such information or documents need to be provided by the applicant, the post will contact him/her. Do not contact the Immigration Office directly!

What if there are no results?

  • Check if the reference of the application has been assigned by the post. The reference assigned by a Visa Application Centre will never give a result.
  • Do not contact the Immigration Office immediately, but try again regularly. Tracking an application is only possible if the Immigration Office has registered this request in the app. This registration can take several weeks at certain times of the year (summer, school holidays, end of the year). No result therefore does not mean that the Immigration Office has not received your application.

Please note that due to a shortage of staff to process short-stay visa applications, the registration is currently being done when the application is processed. Therefore, the search will not give any results until a decision is made.

Useful link:

Processing time for a visa application.