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Sufficient means of subsistence (Students)

The principle

A student must have sufficient means of subsistence to cover his healthcare, his living costs, his study and repatriation costs.

The minimum amount which he must have is fixed and indexed every year by royal decree. It is currently 631 EUR net/month (academic year 2016 -2017).

The supporting documents

The proof that the student has the minimum amount required to cover his healthcare, his living costs, his study and repatriation costs is preferably provided via:

> an attestation of a grant or loan issued by an international organisation or a national authority, or a legal person, Belgian or foreign, with sufficient resources. The amount of the said grant or loan may not be below the minimum amount which a student must have every month. If necessary, the student must produce proof of complementary resources.

> a commitment that charge will be taken (Annex 32)

However, other proof may be taken into account, such as:

> the payment of a sum of money into a bank account of the higher education establishment where the student is registered or admitted to register.

Certain universities demand that students pay into a bank account a sum supposed to cover the first year of study. This sum is then repaid, in monthly instalments, into the account opened by the student after his arrival in Belgium. In this case, the student produces an attestation from the higher education establishment relating to the payment of the sum in question and the payment, in monthly instalments, of an amount at least equal to the amount which a student must have (631 EUR).

> proof of income generated by the pursuit of a paid activity.

In fact a student is authorised to pursue a paid activity outside the time normally devoted to study, provided that the said activity is ancillary. In other words, the main activity must remain the pursuit of the studies.

In any event, the student must establish that the said paid activity is indeed an ancillary activity pursued during his free time (work contract) and that it is being pursued legally (work permit, professional card or proof that he is exempt from the obligation to hold a work permit or professional card).