Sufficient means of existence

The amount of sufficient means of existence an EU citizen should have, has to be at least equal to the income level under which a person can benefit from social assistance in Belgium (living wage).

The amount of the living wage depends on the situation the beneficiary finds himself/herself in:

  • Category 1 : the beneficiary lives together with one or more persons with whom he forms a common household (cohabitant):  842,12 euro  net per month
  • Category 2: the beneficiary lives on his/her own  (single person):  1.263,17 euro net per month
  • Category 3: the beneficiary has a family with at least one minor unmarried dependent child:  1.707,11 euro net per month.

(L'Equivalent du) Revenu d'Intégration | SPP Intégration Sociale (

For the assessment of the means of existence the personal situation of the EU citizen is taken into account, including, among other things, the nature and regularity of his/her income and the number of dependent family members. The means personally available to the EU citizen are taken into account as well as the means of existence he actually receives through a third person.  

If the condition as to the sufficient character of the means of existence is not fulfilled, the Immigration Office, in regard of the own needs of the EU citizen and his/her family members, has to determine which means of existence they need to cover their needs, without becoming dependent on public authorities. To this end, the Immigration Office can require from the EU citizen or from any Belgian authority to present all documents and information that might be useful to determine this amount.