When a request for family reunification has been rejected, asking for a revision of this decision is never a right but a favour granted by the Immigration Office, specifically in these three specific situations :

1.    The applicant has submitted a lease contract but needs proof that this contract has effectively been registered. In this case, the decision can be revised even if the registration was done after the decision.

2.    The applicant has submitted a mutual insurance certificate, but the certificate does not correspond to the requested document.

3.    The applicant is a minor who travels alone and has not submitted a parental authorisation.

The request and the supporting documents must be emailed to the Immigration Office (Family reunification service) within three months from the date the decision has been taken.

gh.visa [at] ibz.fgov.be (refusal of a visa application)

rgf.sejour40 [at] ibz.fgov.be and rgf.sejour10 [at] ibz.fgov.be (refusal of a stay request)