Au pair youth

The au pair youth is a young person who is temporarily taken into a family. They enjoy board and lodging with this family, in exchange for light daily household chores. By participating in family life, this young person can perfect their language skills and broaden their overall development through a better knowledge of the host country.

On the FPS Employment site, you will find more information on the status of an au pair youth.

The host family must request authorisation to employ the au pair youth from the competent Region. The family must include a medical certificate and an employment contract with the application.

If the Region grants authorisation to employ the au pair youth, it will issue a work permit to the host family, through the municipal administration for the family's place of residence. The family must send this work permit to the au pair youth.

On the Regions' websites, you will find all the information about the conditions to be fulfilled by the host family and the au pair youth to obtain the employment permit and the work permit.

The au pair youth authorised to work in Belgium must apply for a visa D (national long-stay visa) at the Belgian diplomatic or consular post competent for the place where they habitually reside abroad. The procedure to be followed for submitting this application is explained on the diplomatic post's website and/or the external service provider with which the post is collaborating (VFS Global, TLS Contact).

The au pair youth must also present proof of the full payment of the fee, as well as the (original) work permit, a certificate proving that they have not been convicted of crimes or any malpractices in common law and a medical certificate proving that they are not suffering from any diseases that may pose a danger to public health.

The list of Belgian embassies and consulates is published on the FPS Foreign Affairs website.

The au pair youth who has received a visa D must present themselves to the municipal administration of their place of residence within eight days of their entry into Belgium, to apply for their registration in the foreigners' register and the issuance of a residence permit (A card).

The authorisation to stay is limited and cannot exceed one year.