Medical certificate

As a general rule, any person wishing to stay in Belgium for more than 90 days must present a medical certificate attesting that they are not infected with one of the diseases that may endanger public health, as listed in the annex to the Law of 15 December 1980.

This person must submit a standard medical certificate drawn up within the 6 months preceding the application.

The standard medical certificate must be issued by a doctor accredited by the Belgian embassy or consulate responsible for the applicant's place of residence.

The list of accredited doctors is published on the website of the post.

The signature of the accredited doctor does not need to be authenticated by the post.

If the doctor who drew up the medical certificate is not accredited by the post, their signature must be authenticated by the competent local authority in accordance with the authentication procedure in force in the country. The signature of the competent authority must then be authenticated by the Belgian embassy or consulate.

The medical certificate may be drawn up by any doctor registered with the Order of Physicians.

The signature of the doctor does not need to be authenticated.